God is good and I enjoy coming to Bible study to learn and hear the Word of God.

E. P.

I'm glad to be here because I feel free even though I'm locked up and I can see and tell of the changes God's making.


In my darkest times God was there to give me hope.  I prayed, I cried and he heard me.  Now I am being released and can follow God's path.


I am very thankful for the 7+ years of contact with a YPM volunteer who keeps me grounded through letters, phone calls and prayers for safety.


I am thankful for the YPM volunteers believing in me because sometimes in this dark place it feels as if no one remembers me.

YPM Volunteer

The female inmates thank our volunteers for coming and not being judgmental.  They say how much they enjoy the Bible studies and life application discussions.  The ladies tell of answered prayer and mended relationships that our visits encourage.