Prayers & praises

For the men currently attending the Stepping Up - A Call to Courageous Manhood DVD series from Family Life's Dennis Rainey that we are running at the Lehigh County Community Corrections Center Friday nights starting 09/21.   Pray that they become hungry for the Word of God and eager to learn how to become Godly men.

For an inmate's son who has leukemia.  

For my family, mom, kids and grandkids. My court date so I can get home to my  family. A new home. Please Lord.  Stay clean and sober, pray for all my kids'  moms. Thank you. God bless everyone. Stay safe.   T.T.

I need prayer for court and my family.   O.R.

From Anonymous individuals:

Thank God I'm alive and my family. Children and Youth case being closed.

Pray for my wife and family. Keep them safe, healthy and to keep   watching over me Lord.

For my family, mom and son.

Pray for my family and myself to be strong,  safe, healthy and lead me not to temptation but deliver me from evil.

For my daughter "Daniella" who is  in the Navy and is currently deployed overseas.

Pray for my mother and mind. Let it not be dementia or Alzheimer's.  

Pray for my son Atticus. 

That God help us with patience. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be on   1A and to experience Yokefellowship.

I need special prayer to get into   treatment. Waiting on Northampton   County to hopefully unsecure bail in order for me to go to rehab. I'm thankful for life, I'm thankful for   food, thankful for church, I'm thankful for my daughter. I'm thankful for another day, I'm thankful  for God.   G.G.

I need prayer for my family to comfort them in these trying times and also for my mother Phyllis for her health. Also I would like to thank God and   Yokefellow for bringing their peace and Joy. I would also like to say hello to Ms. Lisa Perry wish you well.   B.R.

Pray for my wife and kids for my court   case. Thankful for God getting me   sober ad taking care of all my needs.   L.M.

I need prayer for court and my family.   C.R.

Pray for my family and good health. To help me when I get out to keep my life   manageable this time. Thanks for my   home plan going through.   D.K.

Pray for my home plan. Praise that God has sent a series of great books and is working deeply in my life. Yokefellow has been a great blessing on this journey.   A.M.

To pray for my loved ones and for a new beginning. Thankful to still be   standing and my children.   D.B.

Pray for volunteer Nick and for the people that come to us and donate their time. God willing to be accepting into the Stepping Up program Yokefellow will be running.   A.S.

Pray for my children that I have not talked to them for 5 yrs. I need & would like prayer to hear from them soon.   M.R.

Pray for my family that God protects them, also for the inmates and homeless of the whole world, and for me that God guides me through the good path and keeps blessing me and gives me strength so I can keep seeking Him.   R.R. 

Pray for my father to stay healthy and well, also please keep me sober and doing the right things.   B.J.

Please pray for me.   J.D.

God, please guide me through these tough times so I can tell my story to help many others.   A.M.

Pray for my recovery and for my family.   H.S.

Pray for my family inside and outside of these walls and for a stronger recovery.   S.P.

Please pray for my recovery and for my children staying safe.   U.B.