Prayers & praises

Pray for the men currently attending the Stepping Up - A Call to Courageous Manhood DVD series from Family Life's Dennis Rainey that we are running at the Lehigh County Community Corrections Center Friday nights starting 09/21 for ten weeks.   Pray that they become hungry for the Word of God and eager to learn how to become Godly men.

Pray for an inmate's son who has leukemia.  

Pray for Duane and his legal troubles and his addictions.

Pray for those incarcerated who are looking for home plan approvals, rebuilding relationships with their families and employment.

Pray for Martin who wants a more intimate relationship with God and to follow His way because he has no one else who is there for him.

Pray for the men and women at the LCCR that they are able to admit their addiction and get it under control.

Pray for the men and women who are released from LCJ and CCC that they are able to spend the holidays with their families.

Pray for Melissa and Jaden that our relationship survives my incarceration, everything will be all good for court on October 30th, and that my boss still has work for me.

Pray for all the immigrants being separated from their families due to the zero tolerance ICE policy that the kids don't suffer anymore.

Pray for my court hearing on October 29th, for my family to have patience with me, for everyone who is in here and their families.

Pray for all that we need from Our Father.

Pray for me, my family and grandchildren, for court that things will get better, for me to stay clean and sober.  Thank you.  God bless.

Pray for peace, salvation and chance of hear is what I value.  To follow the way of Christ is what I desire.  Please pray for me while I'm in this difficult position along with my fellow inmates.  We need knowledge and wisdom.  Thank you.  God Bless you.

Pray for all the homeless kids, travel safe and warm through the night.

Pray for patience and strength, for my Mom and Dad to keep them safe and in good health and for forgiveness, my son and daughter and for them to understand Daddy will be back.  I'm sorry God for turning my back.  In need You.  Thank you for forgiveness.

Pray for my family, for me to have forgiveness, to lose these resentments and have acceptance.  To be granted strength in time of weakness, to have serenity.  To give love and understand that I deserve to be loved.  Pray for everyone within these walls.

Pray for my family and friends.

Pray for strength, focus, obedience, knowledge, and wisdom every day my eyes on Him and in my heart Jesus Christ with no ending.  Amen.

Pray for Dylan that he understand what it means to be saved and to break free of his addiction.